Saturday, February 03, 2007



I am responding to Marie's comment left on my Blog about DHL and DELL @

The monitor was a replacement by DELL.

I have emailed Brian B., CP, and Marie, and I have not received an answer from anyone from Dell about this latest problem.

Received Package 2 on Feb 2.: The speakerbar was delivered to my door step.
Package 1, the Dell 2001fp monitor was delivered Feb. 2 to an unknown location signed by a Receptionist named G LOOR.

The delivery location for both packages was my home address.

I called DHL and they said they would not know where the package was delivered until Monday. My guess it is now lost because someone besides me signed for it.

I have been trying to get this issue resolved since December and now it appears this matter is still not closed due do poor delivery and incompetence by DHL and DELL. I asked CP to remove the Company name from the address "SOUTHERN GRAPHIC SYSTEMS" which is still left as the main name on the deliveries. Second, DHL falsified records and third, now DHL delivered a $500 package to the wrong address and had someone sign for the package using G LOOR. Their name was not on the Packing slip which was my real name. This does not include all the previous problems with Dell's Customer Care during the entire Month of January, which was supposed to be resolved.

Let me know what you can do to speed up this matter as I am very frustrated with DELL and DHL at the moment.

Michael Dell, I would like to know personally, what you plan to do to fix this problem.



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N4AOF said...

When you combine DHL and Dell you obvously get D H HELL

If that is really just a coincidence there must be cosmic forces at work.

(The only thing almost as painful as DHL's so-called "customer service" is trying to register here at