Sunday, February 04, 2007

What Michael Dell needs to work on as he Returns as CEO

HP, Sony and Apple have been taking shots at Dell with better selling designs. Dell has recently lost some market share but still has around 2/3's market share in the PC industry. Dell is pulling out of some markets and is going to try to simplify and focus its business. I strongly urge Michael to strive to improve its customer service. Overall, Dell produces great products. I use Dell keyboards and Logitech mice that I buy on eBay. I have not been able to find a Mouse besides Apple's Mighty Mouse that I like that fits left or right handers and has a nice scroll bar. Their high end 20", 24" and above monitors are a really good deal for the price compared to Apple's Monitors. However, I hope Dell nixes it's low end E207 line of monitors or warns customers about the color banding issues with it product line. Some people might not care about the Color and viewing angle of a monitor, but I was shocked when I tried to use a E207FPW monitor for one day and returned it to Dell a week later.

Dell needs refresher course with sleeker cutting edge designs. There products have remained bland. The Dell button logo its laptops is ugly. Their two tone designs are not entirely bad. I have an all black desk, a black and silver Dell Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard does not look all that bad. However when compared to an Apple product. A Mac Pro and Apple Cinema Display in a Aluminum looks much better to me. Even the X-Serve and X-RAID lines match in design and perform extremely well in the Graphics Prepress and Video Editing markets. Clearly Dell's desktops and laptops needs a redesign.

Michael Dell, you've started your company at age 19. I hope you can bring back innovation, better design and customer satisfaction to your company. If you can turn your company around maybe one day Apple will partner with you and sell the best Mac OS X boxes ever imagined. If you combined Apple's award winning design and Dell's market share, this could be the best PC company that HP, Acer, Sony and even Microsoft would have a difficult time competing against.

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