Friday, February 09, 2007 Great Prices, Excellent Service.

I just bought a Power Adapter for my Compaq Presario X1000 notebook from They have a great selection of Power Adapters for just about any type of laptop computer. One problem. I did not know there is a difference between a "Compaq Presario 1000" and a "Compaq Presario X1000." Using their website nativagator, I ended up ordering the adapter for a Compaq 1000 instead of an X1000. I guess the X makes a big difference in this case. Without using the website navigator I manually picked the right one, but I second guessed myself. Oops my bad. They do have a large selection of adapters for any one particular model. So it is easy to get confused. I bet Replacement Power gets this a lot.

Not to worry. I called and they are shipping me out a replacement free of charge, even though it was my fault for ordering the wrong item. Now that is some excellent customer care!

Did I mention that Replacement Power has some terrific prices? Other power adapter sites charge 40-80 dollars and Replace Power charges $30. That's a bargain. Great prices, Excellent Service. You can't beat it.


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