Thursday, February 01, 2007

DHL Falsified Delivery Information on Dell Monitor

We had a snow day here today. DHL was scheduled to deliver my upgraded Dell Monitor today. They put on the tracking list that they attempted delivery, but they never came to my house. I called DHL up to ask the what was up and they said they would put in a formal complaint since the delivery person falsified the information. I wonder if customer service problems come in groups of three? lol

This is who Dell chose to make the Delivery. They usually use UPS. I guess they were trying to get to me sooner. Being home from work it would of been a nice day to mess around with it. The driver could have wrote, delayed due to bad weather. I would have understood that. Here's the funny part, I was outside my house playing with my kids in the snow when the driver claimed to have attempted the delivery.


Dell Customer Advocate said...

Hi. I am a customer advocate for Dell headquarters in Texas and just read about the delayed delivery of your monitor. Sorry to read about the confusion with the missed attempt but I am more than happy to look into the issue. Please feel free to contact me directly at with your order number so I can check on the delivery status. Thank you and have a great day!

Best Regards,
Dell Customer Advocate

goodtime said...


Thank you for responding. I appreciate the attention. As you probably already know, CP took care of the situation. All is well.

Thanks again,