Monday, February 05, 2007

DHL Sucks. More impressed with Dell.

DHL called today. They asked if I had any idea where the monitor was shipped. I replied, "you're the ones who shipped it (to the wrong address), why are you asking me?"

I bet someone at some other company got it and took it home with them. It doesn't matter. My replacement monitor is shipping UPS and it is scheduled to be here tommorow!

While I will probably buy another Dell product, I will never allow another company to use DHL. I am not impressed with DHL at all. They seem very disorganized in this area and don't seem to care. Dell on the other hand did do everything that could to take care of the problem, once Michael got involved. CP, Dell's Executive Care rep in Texas, went the extra mile to resolve this problem hopefully once and for all. I will find out once my monitor gets here tomorrow. This time I am confident it will be over.

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goodtime said...

DHL eventually found the missing monitor and left it on my front door step. Again, I never signed for the package. But DHL did ask me if I received it over the phone.

I told Dell where the missing package ended up and Dell had the package shipped back to them using UPS.

DHL was supposed to automatically ship the package back to DELL on their own. I guess I will call that strike three against DHL.

It's a good think I am an honest customer. I could of easily told DHL the package never arrived because no one from my household ever signed for it. DHL, you really need to take better care of your expensive Dell packages. Shame on you!